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This pen resembles the famous Bic® pen.

The clear barrel discourages items from being smuggled inside the pen.

Save thousands of dollars with our Washable Ink.

The ink washes right out of uniforms with no pre-wash needed.

It will also wipe right off of walls and furniture with just a damp cloth.

Stop replacing furniture and uniforms, or painting over walls because of ink stains.

Available in Black or Blue regular ink 

Available in Blue Washable Ink

Also available with an imprint stating, "Inmate Property". The obvious imprint identifies that the pen was either purchased from the commissary, or issued to the inmate. (Click "Next" above for picture)

Packed 100 per box.

$19.00 per box of 100 w/ black or blue regular ink

$23.00 per box of 100 w/ washable blue ink

$25.00 per box of 100 w/ "Inmate Property" imprint & wash. blue ink

Product Code

Black No Imprint: PNA-1260B

Blue No Imprint: PNA-1261B

Blue Washable No Imprint: 

Washable Blue: PNA-1256B 

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